Chloe Chloe
Weekly Lessons
Well done to Chloe passing her Driving test!!. After moving from a City to a small town been able to get around was essential to Chloe, Putting in all the hours and determination paid off. Chloe was a pleasure to teach!! 😊

Hollie Hollie
Weekly Lessons
Well done to Hollie passing her Driving test, Hollie was very keen on passing her test to help with going to Collage and her Job. Hollie found the LDC Workbook very helpful and easy to follow, was handy for making notes and well illustrated. 😊

Passed 1st time.
Well done to Bud Passed her Driving test 1st time!. Bud wanted to pass her Driving test because the area she lived in was rural and for the independents of being able to drive to places. Bud enjoyed taking lessons and found the LDC work book very helpful, it was a pleasure to teach you. 😊

Driving Course
Well done to Dan Passed his Driving test. Dan wanted to pass his Driving test so he could drive to school and work and become more independent, he really enjoyed the driving and was very keen on his lessons, was a pleasure to teach you!! 😊

Lewis Lewis
Passed 1st time.
Well done to Lewis Passed his Driving test with a Driving Course over a few weeks, Lewis decided to take a Course and work it around his Job without taken anytime off to do it. Lewis said he really enjoyed the course and the LDC system worked really well, very easy to follow and understand.!! 😊

Passed 1st time
Well done to Nikki Passed her Driving test, was a pleasure to teach you. Nikki said passing her test is a massive help with living in a rural area, and really enjoyed the lessons!!. 😊

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